Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Still Islamophobic

Just as a follow up to the last post:

Today I caught a little bit of The View on TV, a show I never watch because those women give a bad name to women as far I'm concerned. They discussed the Republican politician who said that Obama as president would make the terrorists dance in the streets. The women were disgusted by his comments, calling him an idiot. The politician's reasoning was that because his middle name is Hussain he would have Muslim sympathies. But NO ONE at ANY POINT asked why it was such an insult to imply or suggest that Obama was a Muslim!! Why is being Muslim so offensive?? Why the hell is no one saying SO WHAT??!!

Oh dear goodness. What is happening??


Melinda said...

That level of discourse has not been reached yet.

Broken Mystic said...

Yeah, it is very frustrating. Americans aren't ready for even the more liberal commentators/politicians to show sympathy towards Islam and Muslims. They're too concerned about their reputation being ruined or their votes dropping. According to right-wing conservative extremists, anyone who sympathizes with Muslims is considered a "terrorist sympathizer."