Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Science is the Enemy - Or So Says Our Government

I was watching the Rick Mercer Report Tuesday night and discovered some disturbing news. In his rant, Rick Mercer informed us of the contempt Canada's federal government apparently has for science. Recently, a group of Canadian scientists received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on and highlighting the seriousness of climate change. Now most of us Canadians would be extremely proud and would want to honour these scientists for their groundbreaking work. And most people have. The Liberals, the NDP, the Bloc, and the Green Party all united in saluting these scientists. But wait, you might say. Where were the Conservatives? After all, they are the ruling party.

Well, they boycotted the ceremony!!! Apparently, because they don't believe that climate change is a problem. Tey refused to recognize the brilliant work of our scientists.

I am not a fan of our Prime Minister. I never have been nor will I ever be. He seems to prove time and time again that he lacks intellect and rationality. He also proves his extreme arrogance which many times has surpassed that of George W. Bush. Last year in response to Canadian protests against a group of leaders meeting in Quebec, Harper made mocking comments. About his own country-people. Even George W. Bush has in the past had the decency to acknowledge the right of people to protest, instead of mocking them for their efforts.
Stephen Harper needs to be de-powered soon. This recent incident is just another example of his ineptness to represent Canadians. A man who once insulted Canada and Canadians to a right-wing American audience, before becoming PM, cannot represent us. A man who does not care about women's rights in Canada while talking about freeing the women of Afghanistan, cannot represent us. This man seems so out of touch with Canadians. Come next election we must elect someone else. However, as out of touch with Canadians as I think he is, my fear is his re-election. Let's hope this nightmare does not come true.

Picture from While the Earth Burns

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