Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frustrations Remain

Bah! I've already gotten a complaint about the new colours. I'll keep trying.

I've found a new roommate for next year! Yay! She seems very cool. A first year law student. I'm looking forward to getting to know someone from outside the department as well. As much as I like the people in psychology, sometimes it's nice to get away from them. I am very much in the mood to meet new people. Lots of new people. I think I'm becoming a bit of an extrovert. Curious. Anyhow, let's hope it all works out. Oh, and my new roommate is of Korean origin. I have not had a single White roommate yet. Interesting eh?

I'm frustrated with my supervisor. She hasn't gotten back to me on my minor paper. It was supposed to be done by June 30th. It's a few days past. And nothing! Ugh!!! I need to get this done over the next week. Absolutely have to. I'm praying that it gets done in that time Insha'Allah.

On another note, I think I am in love with my ex. I think I will tell him. What have I got to lose? Not much. If he doesn't feel the same, (I am 95% sure he doesn't) at least I will know for sure. And maybe telling me will make my own feelings clear to me. Until I tell him and find out, I don't think I'll be able to move on completely. Not whole heartedly at least. So we'll see. Insha'Allah I hope it works out well. Otherwise, my love life is STILL non-existent. This is the one area of my life I have given up working on. At this point if God has someone for me I really do hope He brings him to me. *Sigh*


chirpychickadee said...


I understand what you mean about needing closure, though. I think that's 50% of the reason something still tore at me after I'd gone through the worst of my latest breakup. I needed to it to slam that book shut, finally and completely.

brokenmystic said...

Congrats on your new roommate! Yay! Tell her: An yung ha say yo.

You have to! She'll get all surprised and happy. It's a greeting in Korean.

And about your ex.. I say go for it. If this is something you're feeling and wondering about a lot, then the only person who can give you answers is him. The more you think about it, the more you'll be guessing. It's best to just get it out there and find things out for certain.

Good luck, insha'Allah!