Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Favourite Bollywood Songs - Part 6

Song: Satrangi Re
Film: Dil Se (1998)

I thought they tried too hard to be "contemporary" and "artsy" but the song is still very beautiful!! The lyrics are in Urdu, and beautiful Urdu poetry at that. Additionally, it has a very obvious Sufi touch.

And yes, yet another Shah Rukh Khan song.


broken mystic said...

oh man, this is one of my favorite Indian music videos of all time!

I don't think it tries too hard to be contemporary or artsy; I actually think it's very well done. It's original unlike that other garbage out there. The music, the dancing, the visuals, the wardrobe, the settings -- all fused with Sufi poetry and Urdu lyrics makes this so mystical, sensual, and other-worldly.

I Love A.R. Rahman's Sufi touches in the instrumentation, and I also Love the Ghalib poem that they insert in the song at 1:26.

It's too bad Indian Cinema doesn't make more videos like this. It's not cinema anymore, it's BOLLYWOOD, emulating western pop music and videos. At least you can watch this video and appreciate South Asian culture and poetry. It's not about some FOB chasing around a girl in his fancy cars or cheesy outfits, and the girl is not some booty shaking Brittany Spears-wannabe -- this song is about ISHQ - heated passion, desire, and Divinity of the Soul.

broken mystic said...

I also Love the framing and composition at 3:31.

They're at the lake, Manisha Koirala is positioned in the center of the frame, doing the Goddess pose, while Shah Rukh is behind her making the image complete, and the ripples in the water are like sun rays emanating from a Divine Being -- a Source or Origin of Light. This fits the song perfectly as the lyrics call her "Nour" (Light).


Farheen said...

I agree that this is unique and that there should be more videos like this. I think the concept is amazing but at certain points, not all of it, just at certain points it cam across as a little forced. But the concept it one that should be appreciated.