Monday, April 7, 2008

Even Muslims Need Makeovers

I have this video on my Facebook and have emailed it to numerous friends. But I thought I'd post it here just because I LOVE this short film and LOVE these guys. In comedy they've shown the ludicrousness of religious fanaticism and extreme conservatism. Plus, the Afghan/African American guy is hot.

The director of the film is Imran J. Khan from the US somewhere... In one of their, um, 40 provinces.* You can watch some of his other videos here.

* I know they have 50 states. I was just doing a Canadianized imitation of our neighbours to the south. And Khan is in California.


Melinda said...

He's from Davis! Which is in Northern California. :)

Anyway, definitely a funny video.

Broken Mystic said...

Asalaam alaykoum, kya haal hai aap ka? Alhamdullilah, shukriya.. lol.

great stuff!