Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why I Love Avi Lewis

This morning while listening to the CBC radio program Sounds Like Canada I became a fan of Avi Lewis.

Canadian journalist (formerly of the CBC), Avi Lewis, who is now working for Al-Jazeera English as a US correspondent, was one of the guests. He was all praises for Al-Jazeera English. This was not surprising. As I have heard before, Lewis re-iterated that the journalism standards of Al-Jazeera were very high. Not stooping to the hi-jinks of CNN and others American news organizations Al-Jazeera has been able to maintain the integrity that journalism is supposed to have.

During the course of the show they discussed an interview Avi Lewis did with the ignoramus Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali. (For an excellent critique of her work which exposes her as the fraud she is see this The Nation article.) While listening to the clip I was infuriated and very impressed. Infuriated because of what Hirsi Ali was saying. And impressed because Lewis criticized and challenged her. Something people never seem to do. They always seem to fall for her cons. The closest I saw to an American critique was on the Colbert Report when Stephen Colbert expressed surprise when she said Christianity was obsolete.

Check out the CBC interview:

In his radio interview this morning, Lewis expressed his disbelief at her assertions and at her popularity. To hear that radio interview click on the link for Sounds Like Canada podcasts, and scroll down to The Best of Sounds Like Canada April 8: Avi Lewis.


Broken Mystic said...

I can't stand this woman. She is such a tool, and so brainwashed by the American right-wing. I can't believe she said Christians don't want to overtake the constitution. I'm glad Avi Lewis called her out on that one. The right-wing Evangelical movement wants NO separation between Church and State. They want America to be a Christian state. These are the same people who believe Bush was appointed by God and that a new Christian "revival" is coming back. Unbelievable.

Then she says that following the Qur'an and the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has led the Muslim world into backwardness. I can't believe how ignorant and pathetic she is. Someone needs to remind her of the various Muslim dynasties that have contributed so much to the world. For her to speak about the incompatibility is absolutely insulting and anyone who knows Islamic history will immediately discredit her. The Islamic world was the center of learning in Medieval times while Europe was in the dark ages. If I were her, I'd be petrified to engage in a debate with someone because I bet she knows that she's covering up the truth. She hides behind her "author" title, and all she does is blame everything in her past on Islam. Wow, what a way to make money!

She doesn't know what freedom is because she's not living in the States as a regular citizen. If she was not so popularly anti-Islamic, she would face discrimination as well. The racist Americans LOVE it when they see a foreigner denounce their own religion and ASSIMILATE to American culture.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has no culture. She has no identity. She has no religion. She is living in reality that only respects her as the victimized anti-Islamic woman. Besides that, she is nothing.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. It's about damn time.