Friday, April 11, 2008

I Wish I Was Pregnant

Well, alright. I don't know if I want to be pregnant per say, but I do want a baby. My maternal clock is ticking and every time I see a baby I just fall apart. Their cute little chubby cheeks and their giggles. Oh...I'm melting. I'm so craving a baby.

And the new Pampers commercial didn't help. I guess they have a new campaign where if you buy a specially marked bag of Pampers diapers, Pampers will donate one tetanus vaccine to UNICEF to be used on mothers and their newborns in needy places in the world. A large part of me finds it so annoying when corporations use social issues to sell their products. Exploiting people's problems. Why not just donate anyways? But I guess they need to make the money to donate it. Ugh! Capitalism! Anyhow.....

In the commercial we see a White woman with a stroller who has bought such a bag. As she is walking down the street she sees a what I presume to be a South Asian baby with his mother(who I believe is Muslim as his mother is wearing a dupatta on her head). She then sees a little Mexican baby in a poncho run up to her. Oh so cute but oh so cliched. The baby's mother comes to get it - she's dressed in traditional, native Mexican garb. Finally, a Japanese baby comes to her and gives her a kiss as she lifts him just before it's mother, dressed in a kimono, comes for it.

The baby's were adorable and pulled at my heart strings. But I couldn't help but laugh at the very obvious attempt at differentiating the ethnicities of the baby's and their mothers. I understood the South Asian mother. Many women in that part of the world do indeed dress like that. But from my understanding very few women in Japan wear the kimono on a daily basis. Additionally, the Mexican native woman's child was wearing pants underneath the poncho. If it's mother is wearing such traditional garb then wouldn't the child too?

Anyhow, this commercial did not help my situation. I want a baby more than ever now. I'll dress her/him up in traditional Pakistani clothes - just because they look so cute in it.

Side note: I have the TV on and A Baby Story just came on with the scene of a woman in labour pains. I had to switch the channel. Nothing will deter me from wanting a baby. Not even her moans of pain.


broken mystic said...

we don't have those kind of commercials here. We only see white or black people. Forget about Muslim people. They would depict the Muslim babies in burqas or something.

Anyway, having children is a wonderful thing. I'm sure they're worth it, despite of what some people in this world say.

Farheen said...

Actually I saw the commercial on TLC so I assumed it was American. And I didn't see the promotion on the Canadian Pampers site either. So it may very well be American!

I'm sure they're worth it too.

Anonymous said...

You know, pregnant women are beautiful.
But I have the opposite syndrome: baby fear. Don't want one, and probably never will.
But I will LOVE being an auntie. I love little brown babies!

Melinda said...

Silly ad, but I know what you mean about babies... In one of my classes last quarter there was a student who brought her baby to class — and there was another student was six months pregnant. It made me think perhaps it's time for me to start thinking about having children (which of course is ridiculous, as I'm not even 20). And whenever I babysit children with incompetent mothers, I know that I could do a better job, if it weren't for factors like being in school, not being married, etc...

P.S. According to Wikipedia, dupatta is worn by South Asian women but not linked specifically to Muslim women...?

Farheen said...

Yes you are too young for babies yet :) Enjoy yourself. Babies are a HUGE committement.

You're right. Dupattas are not linked to Muslim women but rather are a ubiquitous South Asian shawl. She had it on her head so I just assumed she was Muslim but Sikh women wear it on their heads often too. Most women just wear it around their necks actually like a scarf. For some reason I'm now thinking she could have been Afghani - just reminded me of that famous National Geographic picture of the Afghani girl from way back when.