Saturday, April 12, 2008

Picture This

There many Muslims, stupid, ignorant Muslims, who will say that having/taking/making pictures or drawings of people is haram. Well, it's not. How could it be when Prophet Soloman (pbuh) had his jinns make statues for him? If two dimensional pictures were haram then for certain statues of a person would be too. And a prophet of God would not do anything haram would he?

Surah Saba

12. And for Solomon the wind was given, traveling one month coming and one month going, and We caused a spring of tar to flow for him. And from among the Jinn are those that worked for him by his Lord's leave; and any one of them who turns from Our commands, We shall cause him to taste the retribution of the Fire.

13. They made for him what he desired of enclosures, and statues, and pools of deep reservoirs, and heavy pots. “O family of David, work to show thanks.” Only a few of My servants are appreciative.


broken mystic said...

I get this a lot from certain fellow Muslims. I cannot draw, take pictures, or make a movie. Then I argue my case about how God blesses us all with gifts and talents, but then they end up saying, "you can do so, but fear Allah."

Ok.. Thanks for pointing those verses out. I don't know how come I never noticed them before.

Depictions were discouraged only because Muslims didn't want people to worship idols or the Prophet himself. But I think this fear is irrational in modern times, especially among Muslims who are quite knowledgeable about their faith. We know we don't worship stones, trees, or fields -- just because we draw or paint them doesn't mean we worship them. Why can't it be about painting or drawing God's Beauty? Or exercising a gift/talent that God blessed us with?

Farheen said...

I wish I could post Imam Shabbir Ally's show on here. He's made a lot of good points and it is o his show that I heard this. He was saying that the idea of pictures being haram actually came from Judaism and has no basis in Islam. He was saying people borrowed it from Judaism and made attributed to the Prophet (pbuh). Interesting eh? I'll try to find some of his shows on YouTube and see what I can post.